Hours slow

When the wind blows

Rhythm flows

Snow falls

Spreading outside my window

Whenever I have no inspiration to draw or to write, I stare at the window silently. And this time, it happened again. In order to celebrate my new blog, I ought to post an article for it; however, I had no idea how to start a paragraph or even a single sentence.

A cup of whole milk with Vitamin D, a slice of wheat bread, an unsalted French omelet with ham, and a bowl of oatmeal with almonds and walnuts on top surrounded my 21.5-inch iMac and hardcover notebook in this morning. I stared at the window and took a sip of the milk; suddenly, an image aroused in my mind: a bunch of friends playing smartphones in there hands…

There is no doubt that in the era of digital globalization, smartphones have become one of the most popular technology devices and have changed the way we communicate. In the past, people “talked” with each other via letters, and it often took days or weeks to get a reply, and yet, digital technology “transformed” letters to text messages.

This is just one of the digital tech’s masterpieces.

Nevertheless, it still has some flaws. Some people think that spending more time on the digital world will not improve our relationships with others, but make us socially isolated. I partly agree because when chatting with our friends happily on Facebook or other instant messaging apps, in fact, we are only busy typing and staring at a five-inch screen, and this is just depressing. Also, I think technology somehow is emotionless, not like human.

Although the snowflakes are dancing actively outside the window, they fall soundlessly.

So, if digital technology is so apathetic, why do people still treasure it so much and view it as an essential element of our lives? There are thousands of answers to this question, and my job is to discover all the possible explanations and write them on this blog.

Most importantly, I’ll be focusing on digital marketing since it is the catalyst that stimulates us to have continual conversations online.

The writing style of this blog will be novel-like, and I believe that even though the blog is going to be about marketing, it won’t be like a deadpan if the contents are “adorned” with metaphors and vivid descriptions (just like storytelling).


Grand Opening_02

Screens glow

When the wind blows

People vow

I trow

Wishing the blog grows

So, let the journey begin now.

Samuel Ou

Photographer: Vivienne Gucwa


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