Discover Your Fascination

I love to travel and enjoy the moments;

I love to read biographies of great men and all types of poems and quotes;

and I love to draw while listening to classical music or deep house.

And yet, what fascinates me the most is to understand myself.


“We are all explorers trying to find ourselves.” – KushandWisdom


Several days ago, my digital marketing professor told us an amazing test called Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Test. (It’s a test not only will show you which archetype you are, but also will tell you how people see you and how you fascinate them.)

I was so excited, but scared because I had no idea what my archetype might be, and had no clue how the world would see me.

Although my mind predicted that I was either a creative or a passionate person due to my background, my subconscious told me that it was more than that. When I was taking the test, I felt as if I were naked without a blanket to cover my secrets…

After being “examined and interrogated”, I felt relieved, but suddenly I was stunned by the result of my archetype.




Intrigue?! “Isn’t it a negative characteristic?” My subconscious whispered. “Is it the kind of the person who is secretly planning something treacherous or illicit?”

My heartbeat quickened.

Taking a deep breath, I started searching for a better explanation in the report…and then I found something fascinating about me.


With PASSION as my primary advantage, I understand others’ feelings and ideas intuitively. Passion also empowers me to create strong and warm emotional connections and to captivate others with my vibrant and attractive professional style of interaction.

PASSION: Expressive, Intuitive, Engaging

LEADERS WHO USE PASSION: Leonardo Da Vinci, Ronald Reagan, Audrey Hepburn


My secondary advantage is MYSTIQUE. I make careful decisions and remain calm in situations of pressure. With this subtle blessing, I can make every detail more influential.

MYSTIQUE: Independent, Logical, Observant

LEADERS WHO USE MYSTIQUE: Stephen Hawking, Johnny Depp, and Michael Crichton


Both passion and mystique fit my personality; however, they seem to contradict each other. Passion allows me to talk expressively, but with the mystique personality, I tend to communicate selectively and rarely show my inner emotions. Perhaps it’s because of my AB blood type and ambidexterity…I don’t know. I think that’s why I always need to have a long-time thinking before acting…


My heart was pounding fast again.


It was the time to face my archetype: the intrigue.



As I saw the last sentence in my report…I smiled. 

“You are the most complex of all the Archetypes.”

Even though it takes more time to get to know myself, at least I know that intrigue is a mysterious and glamorous gift. Also, if I understand and apply my advantages correctly, I’ll be able to persuade and inspire others.


 If you want to know how people see you and how you fascinate them, discover your fascination now!

Samuel Ou


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