A Personal Fashion Detective “in” Your Phone

“Where did you get that?”

We always come up with this question when seeing someone wearing a coat, a dress, or even an accessory that we really like. Perhaps we are walking along the street, reading a magazine, or surfing the web.

There’s a chance that we might get the answer by searching on the Internet or asking the person who wears that outfit, but very often the question stays in our minds for weeks without having an answer…


Hence, we start thinking…

“If there was a stylist who could help me find the cloth or a similar one and tell me where to buy it, would that be wonderful?”


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome the fashion detective – ASAP54.


ASAP54 is a fascinating app that not only has a good-looking design, both in terms of visuals and the UX, but also allows you to search for fashion.


If you want to find an unique attire or other similar items, you can either search by keywords or the image of the clothing.


Tons of beautiful attires that look very much alike the original one (sometimes includes the one you search) will be showing from the results. With a click, you can easily save your fashion finds to your wish list or go directly to the shop that has the clothing.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, ASAP54 will provide you a team of stylists who will help you, within 24 hours, “unearth” the product from ASPS54’s fashion database.



Besides the “Search” function, ASAP54 also has a fashion community which you can share your results and follow other stylish users to see their searches. What’s more, in order to make the app more engaging, ASAP54 allows you to invite your friends to join the group via your phone contacts, Facebook, and Twitter.



A persuasive speaker always says a lot with a little.

The same goes for a successful app.

ASAP54 does not have a flowery user interface design or offer many stunning functions,

but that single “Search” is good enough for you to keep it on your phone.


Samuel Ou


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