The New Mission for Microsoft’s Assassin, Cortana: Invade iOS And Android

“We are changing the world with technology.” – Bill Gates


In order to keep up the fast pace of smartphone changes, Apple created Siri; Google developed Google Now; and Microsoft invented Cortana, an AI (artificial intelligence) digital assistant for Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1, and Microsoft Band.

After running Cortana for a year, Microsoft upgraded this AI personal assistant, which will be released in this fall, for Windows 10 and Microsoft’s rivals’ mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, according to Reuters.


Of course, the new version of Cortana will not be preinstalled in either Android phone or iPhone (Larry Page and Tim Cook will never let this thing happen.), but it will be designed as a standalone app that allows different mobile operating systems’ users to download it, which is still a huge threat for Apple and Google.

This time Microsoft’s tactic is not only defending its market share, but also grabbing more mobile operating system market share by “invading” iOS and Android.



No matter how powerful one is, like Hercules, everyone has a weakness.


Microsoft states that Siri’s main function is to reply demands. Cortana, in contrast, is to respond requests and answer questions while learning and collecting users’ personal preferences, such as interests and reminders.




For Google Now, it lacks the characterization, which means Google Now is merely a mobile tool, not an AI assistant, but for Cortana, she has a gender, a story, and emotions. Cortana is named after an AI character in Halo, a Microsoft’s military science fiction video game.



“I’m Cortana, and I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.”


Apple & Google,

Be careful for Cortana. 

Microsoft is ready for the new mobile war.



Samuel Ou


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