Want to keep your customers? Treat them like lovers first.

Marketers have a variety of ways of getting more customers to buy their products nowadays. Most of the methods work in some circumstances, but none of them will last forever unless they treat their customers like lovers.


When you are in love, you wish your time with her never ends because she is everything to you.


Several weeks ago, I read an article Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing, which is basically about how Gary Vaynerchuk uses social media to create sales. His method is “Jab, jab, jab, right hook,” and it means give, give, give, and ask.

“When you give value up front, you guilt people into buying stuff,” said Vaynerchuk. Also, he believes that the way of keeping the connections with his followers and customers is to be active on social media. That’s why he tweets 70 tweets a day and shares around six YouTube videos and a dozen Facebook posts a week.

However, in the article To keep your customers, keep it simple, the authors have a totally different perspective. “[Customers] don’t want a “relationship” with you. Just help them make good choices,” Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman claim.They also state that customer loyalty is vanishing because of the overwhelming messages around the Internet. People change their preferences frequently. Therefore, if companies want to retain their customers, they will have to make the purchase decision journey easier and build a trust with customers so that customers can feel confidence about the brand.


Although both articles are correct and have the “concrete evidence” to support their marketing strategies, they are just focusing on secondary factors of keeping customers.


When you love someone, you don’t care whether she texts you all the time or only one message.

And when you dearly want to see someone you love, you don’t care whether she shows up in person or just on Facetime.


Marketers always think they can fully control customers’ minds, but, in fact, they don’t even know what their customers really want in many situations.

Human beings are difficult to understand, and yet, businesses never get it. If you truly want to keep your customers, you should stop thinking about ROMI and concentrate on the loving relationships with your customers.


Once customers love your brand, they can’t live without you.


Ok. So, what should brands do to let customers love them?


Two things. Stand in your customer’s shoes and let them know that you are always here for them.


First, stand in your customer’s shoes. Companies know it, but they seldom do it correctly. Businesses always focus on their customers’ needs and wants.


Well… it’s right and wrong.


Desire is only a part of human feelings. People have pleasure, fear, joy, anger, desire, sorrow, anxiety, trust, and so on. That’s why knowing one’s desire is not enough.


Don’t just “stand” in your customer’s shoes. You need to picture yourself as if you were them standing in their shoes.


Second, let your customers know that you are always here for them no matter what. When people have emotions (It doesn’t matter whether they are depressed or delighted), they want someone to be there and listen to their stories. Remember, cares must come from the heart. People can tell when someone is being honest or being perfunctory with them.


One of the good examples is that a Red Lobster server gave a sweet note instead of a check to their customers after they finished the meal.



People don’t really care whether you tweets a hundred tweets or one tweet a day. Social media are the tools that help you maintain customer relationships and share your love stories.


People don’t care whether your articles are as long as a “novel” or as short as a “sentence”. Contents are important, but if the words are not from the heart, they are useless.


All in all, if customers love you, they will “follow” you.


Samuel Ou


Photography/ tdenew.aspurian.co.uk, Galleryhip, Valentines-2015


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