5 Keys to creating a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


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No matter you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, these 5 keys will give you the basic but vital elements for creating a successful digital marketing strategy.


Know your customers

Before creating a marketing strategy, you have to figure out who your target audience is. You need to segment your customers and know their needs and wants because having accurate buyer personas will give you the right path of any campaign and help you develop a better content that is more relevant to your target audience.



Find the right social networks for your brand

In this digital world, social networking has become a part of our daily life. Thus, in order to reach your target audience, you have to find the right platforms that your customers are currently using so that you can focus on these social media, and come up with the best contents for each channel.



 Use Big Data to make more accurate decisions

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day; they reveal people’s locations, interests, habits, etc. Using Big Data to analyze your customers is like asking evil Queen’s Magic Mirror for the answers. You get to know everything about your audience. This not only will help you find the way to attract your customers, but also will lead your company to the right direction and make more accurate, efficient, and intelligent decisions.

“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase, Economics, Nobel Prize Laureate



Design stunning user experiences for your digital product

User experience (UX) is the silver bullet that will help you solve the “low ” problems, such as low customer satisfaction, low website traffics, and low sales. UX gives your brand a good first impression to customers so that they feel delightful and enjoyable when visiting your website. Also, with visuals and great content, you can develop an interaction-rich experience that keeps your audience on your website because very often, people unsubscribe, unfriend, and unfollow a site when they don’t know how to interact with it. Most importantly, a great UX design drives sales in any digital platform.

Every $1 invested in UX can have a return of up to $100 for your business.



Tell your audience a fascinating story (Content is King)

Content is King, but what make your content stick in your customers’ minds is good storytelling. You need to be a great storyteller in order to separate your brand from other competitors. Many data have proven that image and video contents can increase customer engagement, and yet, if there are no stories in them, the contents still cannot keep audience in the long-term. Your story should relate to your brand and your customers, and once your story has emotional components, you win the hearts and minds of your customers.



Besides the 5 keys to creating a successful digital marketing strategy, there’s still one takeaway for you to remember…

In this fast-changing world, you should keep learning and be agile.




Photography/ softuni.bg, hdwallpapers.cat


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