Online vs. offline: Which marketing strategy is better?


People have been talking about online and offline marketing strategies for a long time. So what is marketing strategy exactly? In general, it is a way to increase sales and help a company save money more effectively. However, there are a variety of marketing strategies nowadays, and sometimes you don’t know which strategy the best.


Usually there is a gap between what you are doing and what is actually working for marketing you business. Thus, if you want to distinguish them, the first thing you need to do is differ the two main types of marketing strategies: online and offline strategies.

Sorry for repeating the word “strategy” again and again.




For online marketing strategy, you can use social media, blogs, videos, apps, emails, searches (SEO, SEM), banners, articles, Google Analytics, press releases, websites, podcasts, valuable free downloads, infographics, newsletters, online chats, etc.


For offline marketing strategy, you can use sponsor local events, trade shows, bulletin boards, freebies, coupons, regular newsletters, guerilla marketing, flyers, posters, prizes for local contests, mobile billboards, specific discounts, business card, etc.


So which marketing strategy is better?


Well, this is a tricky question because there are no right answers for it. I would say that it is better to combine online and offline marketing than to use only one type of strategy since this method can drive your offline customers to your online site and vice versa.


For example, if you are planning to create a local event, you can post the information on your social media channels and interact with your fans and visitors so that you can gather more potential participants to attend your offline event and at the same time, promote your social media as well.


See? Integrating offline and online marketing is not as difficult as it seems. So stop thinking about them as two different strategies. If you can connect them correctly, you will not only boost your reaches and conversions, but also strengthen your brand presence.


If you want to learn more about online to offline marketing, please watch this video below!







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