Are Newspapers Dying or Evolving?

The newspaper industry has been a hard time in dealing with today’s rapidly changing technology environment, and currently the biggest challenge they are facing is the rise of social media and online news.



Perhaps some sites like Facebook and Twitter should be “responsible” for this because anyone who sees a happening or an incident nowadays can take a picture or a video instantly and then publish it on social networking sites in just a few seconds. These “news” are free to post and read and usually they come out even faster than many major newspapers, which mean that people no longer have to buy the print edition of a newspaper to know the latest breaking news and daily news around the world.

The Twitter homepage appears on a screen in Washington on September 3, 2010.        AFP PHOTO/Nicholas KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)


Without a doubt, the news industry is struggling to survive due to the fact that some newspaper readers are shifting behavior from buying prints to viewing online news only. This may lead to serious finical issues. For example, the sales in the whole industry are going down and also the advertising revenues are dropping significantly.


So are newspapers dying? Is this the sign of the death of newspapers?


I would say that this depends on how we look at it and how the news industry reacts to this difficult task. Let’s take the use of phones as an instance. Before smartphones were invented, landline telephones were the main communication devices, but now everyone uses mobile phones more often than landlines. Nevertheless, we can’t say that the phone industry is dead; we are just communicating with a smarter device than ever before.


So if landlines could transform into mobile phones, I think maybe the print edition of a newspaper may also reform into something else beside social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


However, before they evolve, the most crucial thing for Newspapers right now is to find their assets since these companies are entering a new world where people want to know news fast. So perhaps newspapers should enhance their professions of journalism, increase the newspaper accuracies, or attract younger audience so that they have the advantages to compete with social media.


So are newspapers really dying? Or is it just starting to evolve? Time will tell.







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