What is iBeacon?

This week, I’m going to show you something trendy, something fantastic. Perhaps you have heard of Beacons (not bacons), but do you know iBeacon?


Before I “introduce” iBeacon to you, this is what most beacons look like.



iBeacon is a new technology that is developed by Apple in 2013. It is a Bluetooth-base beacon, which can broadcast (iBeacons) or receive (mobile apps) information within a short distance.



For instance, based on you location, a retail store’s iBeacons can deliver coupons and special offers to your phone when you are close to the store.



Of course, iBeacon is not only a technology for shopping, but also a new way for brands to communicate with customers.




Another amazing feature of iBeacons is its low energy consumption. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacons can transmit a signal for 2 years on a single cell battery (the batteries are usually not replaceable, you’ll probably just replace the beacon when they stop working).




iBeacon is growing extremely fast because in the past, it was impossible for companies to reach consumers like this. I would say that iBeacon must be the next revolutionary technology that may change the world.





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