Samuel HKO
Hi, I’m Samuel (Hsien-Kuei Ou). I was born and raised in Taiwan, but spent half my childhood in Charlottesville, Virginia, where is also known as the home to Thomas Jefferson.
I love art, and have devoted myself to graphic design for almost ten years. When ICOGRADA gave me my first international design award in 2008, I felt that all of my time spent as a child imagining that rocks were fossils had directed me towards the pursuit of an advanced degree in the field of design.
I’ve always viewed ordinary objects with an artistic perspective because I believe that the value of an item is dependent on how open-minded one’s approach to it is. Thus, when it goes to terms, I believe that the relationship between digital marketing and graphic design is not only about how to advertise products, but also about how to facilitate your customers by creating and delivering the most important and valuable messages to them, which is related to visual communication. You know, images, colors, and patterns affect people’s motivations.
During my career as a graphic designer, I used to work at Samsung, Swyft Media, and Duckimage, and owned a design studio. We designed Corporate Identity Systems (CIS), advertisements, user interface (UI), videos, posters, packaging, emojis, and illustrations for companies, such as Disney, Viber, Kik Messenger, and Kung Fu Tea.
Marketing is the art of business and technology is the heart of a rocket engine that will aesthetically thrust our future to the next level. That’s why I’m so fond of both of them.

New York University
– Master of Science, Integrated Marketing
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
– Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication Design 

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  1. I liked your post on the “intrigue”

    After I did my archetype test & surprisingly discovered I was an “intrigue” I googled it & came across your post.

    I love your description. We truly are the most complex aren’t we.

    My definition of complex is… Ascending 🙂


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